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miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Housing for students - Berlin Germany

Vanguardism vs Neoclasicism. The context of the Old Berlin (the location: an Island between the river Spree and Havel) and the new purposes of the New Berlin with modern and high-tech construction

A student Housings. Long shapes, inclined facades and an irregular skin of the project, which contrast with the regular and symmetrical "city" around it.

Housing (La Punta, Callao – Peru)

A project with an unbeatable view: the Pacific Ocean. The project sought a typology worthy of a measured reality, but without becoming monotonous. It has its own identity.
While the municipal parameters provided a workable area, a semi-perfect square, that figure decomposed gradually, just like the waves do against the rocks (called erosion). As a result, a composition emerged characterized by the predomination of diagonal lines (based on the wind direction).
The building, which was painted in white to go along with the beach edification typology, is composed of 8 floors, 2 levels, 8 flats, 4 duplex (2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry and terrace), and a free level supported by a main stone square for an integration through the texture.

Vertical City - Miraflores (Lima) Peru

The concept of this surreal 100-meter building, located in a strategic point of Miraflores, was the decomposition of matter, from the solid to the ethereal.

The consolidated part starts from at top, and as it goes down and gets close to the ocean, it dematerializes.

“Vertical City,” a building for backpackers and travel characterized by the special interrelation between and the vertical visual flow, landed on a sector of the cliff in Miraflores through a level that related it to what was already there (Urban Implantation), so that the volume base could adapt to the topography of the mountain. This started to decompose (Volume Base) as it got close to the ocean.

The result was the start of a volumetric composition more irregular, according to the mountain’s topography (integration-mimesis), which turns more stable as you ascend.

viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008

L House - Chaclacayo (Lima) Peru

The idea for this area of 680 m2 with the privileged view of a park was for nature to be a perpetual film for the inhabitant.

A minimalist shape, but at the same time daring because it rebels against gravity. The Volumetric composition adapted to the character: The house as the reflection of its inhabitant and the corresponding activities.

The activities of the character developed in a loft of double height (bedroom, studio/library and music room). From there, the others basic functions and spaces emerged of this volume.

Social Housing - Montserrate (Lima) Peru

An octagonal volumetric composition that sought to accommodate to an irregular terrain. A project of social housing was presented in a dense environment, recycling the terrain for a complex of economic houses that gave life to a rundown area (within the plan of Urban Renovation, a concept already being implemented in Lima-Cercado).

The idea was to oppose to the cold façade of its surroundings and to disconnect from the defined stratums through duplex and the irregular forms of the apartments, having flats and duplex organized modularly.